kybun World - factory experience

World of walk-on-air
World of walk-on-air

Welcome to kybun World

kybun is launching the brand-new Walk-on-Air World, the kyBoot Swiss air-cushion shoe factory experience. Experience and learn more about your health as well as the kybun MechanoTherapy in our 9,000 square-metre space.

  • Direct and up-close experience of the high-tech kyBoot Swiss air-cushion shoe production process, involving up to 40 production steps
  • A variety of informative and hands-on stations about healthy walking and standing
  • Movement check-ups – assess your mobility and physical fitness
  • Explore the world of fasciae – fascial clumping is the cause of many physical ailments
  • Special exhibition: ‘Healthy sleeping and eating’
  • kyBoot Outlet – discounts of up to CHF 100
  • Swissness Shopping Land

Media reports about kybun World

Perşembe 29. Eylül 2016New factory experience has opened

The World of walk-on-air factory experience opened its doors on 10 September 2016 in Sennwald, Switzerland. (daha)

Pazartesi 10. Ekim 2016World of walk-on-air: Natural walking experience

kybun AG, based in Sennwald, Switzerland, has put together a special kind of walking course that allows you to discover how to walk with a natural gait and posture for free. (daha)